Keno is a famous lottery-style game featured on the lobby of many online casino's. It is an interesting casino game with high winning potentials. Playing keno is not as difficult as some people may think and you can learn everything about the game in minutes. This article will shed light on how to play keno games. You can find top Keno casinos on

Buying Keno Scorecard

To play keno, you will need to buy a scorecard. In the land-based version of the game, you will have to buy the keno scorecard from the casino's cashier or attendant. In the online version of keno, however, you will be presented the scorecard instantly on the screen of the game as you load it on your desktop or mobile device.

A typical keno scorecard consists of numbers usually from 1 to 80. However, there are some versions of the game that may have up to 120 numbers on the scorecard. The object of the game is for the players to guess the numbers that will turn out to be the winning numbers and mark them on their keno card before the start of the raffle draw round.

The Raffle Draw Round

During the raffle draw, balls labelled with numbers will be selected from a pot at random. In online keno, this selection is done by the computer and you will see the numbers that have been selected on the screen of the game. The number of balls that will be selected is based on the game version, but you can only mark up to 10 numbers on the scorecard.

If you are lucky and your predicted numbers are the same as the numbered balls selected in the raffle draw round, then you will win a prize in the game. The prize you'll win depends on how many of your predicted numbers were selected and the overall numbers you select. The more numbers you predict right, the more you will win.

Learn Keno for Free

Before you decide to start playing keno for real money, it is important that you get familiar with the features and gameplay. A good way for you to do this is to play the free versions of the game online. Free keno games will allow you to practice and test all that you've learned on the game, and thus you'll find it easier when you start playing for money.

While keno is considered to be a luck-based game, there are some strategies you can apply in the game to help you get a better winning chance. Although these strategies do not offer a 100% success rate, when used properly, it can be beneficial. One common strategy that many expert players apply is to buy several keno cards for a single game round.


Summary and Conclusion

So far, we've explained how to play keno game in this article. Remember that the game is similar to lottery games and it is played using scorecards. Also, note that the price of each scorecard in a keno game is based on the variation of the game. Lastly, consider playing keno in demo version to practice how it is played before trying the real money versions.